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Cotton Statistics

Table No.Subject
A Production, Area and Productivity
A1. Area, production and productivity of cotton in india (Click here  
A2. Area, production and productivity of cotton (State-wise) (Click here)
 A3. Staple-wise production of cotton (Click here)
B Cotton Consumption
B1. Staple-wise mill consumption of cotton (Non-SSI) (Click here)
B2. State-wise Cotton consumption by the textile mills (Click here)
B3. Cotton consumption by organized sector textile mills (Non-SSI Mills) and small scale spinning mills (SSI) units  (Click here)
C Cotton Trade
C1. Cotton imports in India - 1996-97 onwards  (Click here)
C2. Cotton Exports in India 1996-97 onwards  (Click here)
D Cotton Prices
D1. Support prices for varieties of kapas of fair average quality  (Click here)
D2. Annual average prices of kapas for important varieties (Click here)
D3. Year-wise/Month-wise prices of lint cotton announced by the East India Cotton Association, Mumbai  (Click here)
D4. Cotton Spot Rates by CAI (Cotton Association of India) (Click here)
E CAB (Cotton Advisory Board) Balance Sheets
E1.  Cotton Balance Sheet- As drawn by Cotton Advisory Board (CAB(Click here)
 E2.  Latest cotton Statistics from CAB meeting (for Updated (Click here)
 F. Major Cotton Producing Country Statistics
  Country Profile of Major Cotton Producing Countries (Click here)
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